Does matcha candy have health benefits?

Answer I have struggled to find the amount of matcha actually contained in these. What is quite clearly is that they are mainly sugar and sugar syrup with the matcha as a minor part. In a way, the very ex... Read More »

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Does circumcision have any health benefits?

Keeping your child intact is the norm in the USA now. There is a bit about the rise and fall of circumcision rates here, with some of the various medical reasons given for it here: http://www.veoh.... Read More »

Does apple cider vinegar have any real health benefits?

Apple cider vinegar I am a very big advocate of apple cider vinegar!There is so much out there about the uses of organic apple cider vinegar, and with me being a person who is green friendly I us... Read More »

Does chillable red wine have the same health benefits as red wine?

On One Hand: It Has Higher CarbsChillable red wine is not as dry as typical red wine, meaning that it has a sweeter taste. The extra sweetening equates to a higher carbohydrate count than regular r... Read More »

Do all red wines have health benefits?

On One Hand: Dryness is KeyAccording to researchers at the University of California at Davis, high concentrations of flavonoids, the antioxidant in the skins of red grapes that reduce the risk of c... Read More »