Does masturbation cause low vision?

Answer This is an old wives tale. It is perfectly normal and healthy to masturbate. A recent study of men showed that 95 % masturbate and 5% are liars.It will not effect your vision.Now where did I leav... Read More »

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Does Masturbation cause acne?

Actually, it'll clear up your acne if you rub the semen into your skin really well.

Does over masturbation cause stress?

It shouldn't if your doing it right, it should cause relief though.

Can allergies cause blurred vision in one eye?

Yes they can. I have noticed this especially with pet allergies. I try my best to keep my hands away from my eyes as much as possible to prevent this.

If a person who has very longsighted vision, plays a ball/field sport, will not wearing their glasses cause?

At 31, I'd expect you to have some blur at distance. I would expect you to experience a lot of eye strain and probably a headache. You would not do any permanent damage.