Does masturbation cause low vision?

Answer This is an old wives tale. It is perfectly normal and healthy to masturbate. A recent study of men showed that 95 % masturbate and 5% are liars.It will not effect your vision.Now where did I leav... Read More »

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Episode 12 Godsend When Peter experiences a second vision of himself exploding New York City which hero is now seen that was not in the original vision?

I CAN control whether I see normal vision or blurry vision... why?

its normal. most people can do that. its called 'accommodation'


there is not anything wrong with you. in the same way there are many more girls more hornier than you soo plz stop thinking abt it and move on !!

Masturbation ... :-/?

It's not disgusting. It's a part of maturing. You will think you're doing to too much in the beginning, but soon will realize you're not. Masturbation is a part of maturing, and a way to connect wi... Read More »