Does marijuana have medical benefits?

Answer On One Hand: Marijuana Has Medical UsesMarijuana (cannabis) has a number of proven medical benefits. It has been shown to reduce the effects of nausea in cancer chemotherapy patients, stimulate sup... Read More »

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How to Maximize the Benefits of Medical Marijuana Clones?

Clones have several benefits for the home grower. They'll hasten your growing cycles. They will predetermine sex of the plant, they'll preserve the exact strain and they will save you money. Let us... Read More »

How to grow medical marijuana - I have no experience?

curlyism leave. no one wants your negative is not illegal under state law to grow medical marijuana, in the right states. there was an interview done with someone who has the same con... Read More »

Can you have medical marijuana while in the coast guard?

Only if you wish to be locked in the brig and subject to disciplinary action.Though it might be "legal" in some states, the Federal Government hasn't legalized it, and therefore neither has the mil... Read More »

I have a question about medical marijuana in Illinois?

At this time migraines are not approved for medical cannabis useage in Illinois.