Does magnetism work?

Answer On One Hand: Magnetism Is a Proven Scientific PhenomenaMagnetism exerts influence on metals and magnetically charged bodies. Magnetism charges an object with two poles. These repel like poles and a... Read More »

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What does magnetism mean?

Literally, magnetism refers to the force exerted by a magnetic field. Figuratively, magnetism is used to describe the strong power or attraction of something, particularly someone's personality or... Read More »

How is Magnetism Produced in an Electromagnet?

Electromagnets are used in a variety of devices, from stereo speakers to bullet trains. These devices utilize the principles of electromagnetism to induce a magnetic field on a piece of metal by ru... Read More »

Effects of Magnetism Science Project?

Magnet-effect science projects are interesting and simple to complete. Many different aspects of the natural environment can be tested using a simple magnet. Students are able to test the power of ... Read More »

Science Projects on Magnetism and Not Magnets?

Science fairs are a fun and beneficial way to have students work hands-on with scientific activities. Science fair projects challenge students to think and perform research while working within spe... Read More »