Does magic jack need a phone line to work?

Answer No, Magic Jack does not need a phone line to work. The device plugs into your computer's USB port and calls are made and received through your computer's Internet connection.Source:Magic Jack: FAQ

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Can i use magic jack plus without a phone line or computer line coming into home.?

Sort if. I have a Jetpack wireless card that gives me broadband access without wires. In my wildest dreams, I could go from wireless access to wired to plug in the MJ+. I wouldn't want to, but I... Read More »

Do I need a phone line to use magic Jack?

No, you do not need a phone line to use the magicJack. The magicJack works through an Internet connection as a Voice over IP service. A computer with an Internet connection and a USB connection p... Read More »

Will the Magic Jack work on a phone with multiple headsets?

Magic Jack will work with a phone with multiple headsets. Just plug the base station into the Magic Jack and use the additional headsets as normal. The only phones Magic Jack does not work with are... Read More »

Does the Magic Jack show phone call information on the phone?

MagicJack will show the call information of the person who is calling you on your phone. When you call another person, he will see your 10-digit telephone number if he has caller ID.References:Magi... Read More »