Does m3 stand for meters cubed?

Answer Meters cubed, or cubic meters, is often abbreviated as "m3." In music, "M3" indicates a major third while "m3" indicates a minor third. In medical schools, "M3" can indicate a third-year student.S... Read More »

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How to Convert Meters Cubed to Feet Cubed?

Meters cubed and feet cubed are used to measure a chemical in the volume of air, such as natural gas. Converting meters cubed to feet cubed can be a useful tool and learning how is quite simple.

How to Convert Liters to Meters Cubed?

Meters cubed, sometimes referred to as cubic meters, and liters both measure volume in the metric system. A liter originally measured the volume of 1 kilogram of water. In 1964, the liter was offic... Read More »

How to Convert Millimeters Cubed to Meters?

Millimeters cubed are metric units of volume more commonly called cubic millimeters. Cubic millimeters can be converted to meters using a simple formula -- 1 billion cubic millimeters equal one cub... Read More »

How to Convert Cubed Feet to Cubic Meters?

Cubic feet, sometimes called cubed feet, and cubic meters denote the volume of an object. "Cubic" means three dimensions, such as length, width and height. In the United States, cubic feet is more ... Read More »