Does lysol contain urine neutralizer?

Answer No. Lysol sprays do not contain urine neutralizers. Lysol is excellent for controlling mold and mildew. It does not neutralize urine stains and odors and will simply mask them. Janitorial supply c... Read More »

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Does healthy urine contain germs?

Clean urine, say, taken from the middle part of urinating, is sterile: no germs)

Why does urine always contain urea?

Urea is a product of protein metabolism. During this process, nitrogen is removed from the blood and converted to urea. Urea is then excreted by the kidneys in the urine. In fact, it is how urin... Read More »

Does lysol cans have bleach?

Lysol does not contain bleach unless it so states on the can. Read the directions and warnings on the can. It should not affect the color of your hat.

Does Lysol spray kill lice?

To combat head lice, soak combs and brushes for one hour in Lysol after treating the head with a lice shampoo. Lysol will not kill the lice but it will clean some items that have come in contact wi... Read More »