Does lymphoma spread through swelling?

Answer Lymphoma is a form of cancer characterized by the development of a tumor resulting from uncontrolled lymphocyte division in the lymphatic system. These malignant cells normally originate in lymph ... Read More »

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Can lymphoma spread into the lung?

Lymphoma can spread to the lungs. It will affect the lung more frequently in secondary or recurrent cases of lymphoma. This is more likely in Hodgkin's disease. When this happens, the lymphomatous ... Read More »

What causes pain with mild swelling just below the ear that can spread to the cheek and includes neck pain for flexion and turning toward the sore ear?

This is usually due to inflammation of parotid gland or lymph node inflammation.

My dad had hodgkins lymphoma 25 yrs ago and now has diffuse large b cell non hodkins lymphoma am i at risk?

NO Any kind of cancer doesn't mean the son or daughter of this person will be at risk ;; except for colon cancer MY mother died from a ovarian cancer and NOBODY else in her family died from cancer ... Read More »

Lymphoma or not ......?

People with lymphoma have abnormal types of white blood cells and abnormal numbers of white blood cells. These differences may not be readily apparent when lymphoma first arises, but they become o... Read More »