Does lupus mean death?

Answer On One Hand: People With Lupus Can Live Full LivesPeople diagnosed with lupus--a chronic inflammatory disease that affects mostly women--often find that they have to make some adjustments to their ... Read More »

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Does cancer always mean death?

No. Cancer is an umbrella term to describe over 200 types and even more subtypes of disease. To complicate matters further . . not all cancers are as life threatening as others . . and the earlier ... Read More »

What does"abated by death"mean?

If civil or criminal proceedings are “abated by death,” it usually means that they are discontinued because of the death of the litigant or the plaintiff. In the case of the death of a plaintif... Read More »

What does red screen of death mean?

The "red screen of death" is a fatal error that appears in Windows XP and Vista. It is extremely similar to the notorious "blue screen of death" that can affect Windows products. The error forces W... Read More »

What does the white screen of death mean?

it means that there is something blocking your way to go to the logo and get into the ipod/iphone.