Does long hair make someone prettier PICS INCLUDED?

Answer HiYour hair suits your face shape and mileys hair suits her.Not to sound rude but I think mileys hairstyle would make you look older. :(Your hair is beautiful long you can do so much with it.I was ... Read More »

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How to look prettier (pics included)?

You look great! Firstly, put on some foundation, a lil mascara and lip gloss. These 3 would look great on you. Simple and sweet. No need for the thick and heavy make up. they will make u look old. ... Read More »

Long OR Short hair on me (pics included)?

You have a round face so I would stick to long. Shoulder length is okay but to short would make your face look more round.Just my opinion.

Should I cut my hair like this (pics included)?

Wow you look beautiful already even without doing any changes..But if you want to change for look for some cool image..pls go ahead with the big changes..Some time we need some changes to let us ... Read More »

How can I get my hair like this (Pics Included)?

just get layers and straighten your hair but add a little flip on the tips of parts of the hair or show the pic to your barber they will probably know