Does long extension cord drink more power?

Answer A long cord, carrying near its rated load, loses power by heating - if you consider that drinking, then yes. It doesn't drink it all by itself. A cord has resistance. A longer cord has more. A... Read More »

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Can an extension cord be used to power a computer monitor?

Computer monitors today come with their own removable power cords. Plug this cord into the wall, an extension cord or a power strip to safely use the monitor. You cannot plug an extension cord dire... Read More »

Can you put an extension cord into the slot of a power strip without problems?

UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved extension cords may plugged into power strips for temporary purposes. According to the National Fire Protection Association, overloading electrical distributio... Read More »

How long can the extension cord be on electric hedge trimmers?

A 16-gauge extension cord up to 100 feet is fine for most hedge trimmers. Anything longer is not recommended unless you go to 14-gauge wire. Even then you risk voltage drop, which can kill an elect... Read More »

Can you use an extension cord to convert an oven socket outlet to a dryer outlet by using an extension cord with a 50A male plug and a 30A female socket?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. If you're wanting to power a 30 amp dryer with a 50 amp circuit, that's possible. (If the dryer needs 50 and the circuit i... Read More »