Does liquid keratin work?

Answer On One Hand: It Will Straighten Your HairA liquid keratin treatment is an at-home hair straightening option for women with curly hair. It is a chemical treatment that is applied to the hair and the... Read More »

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Does Liquid Lense work on mirrors?

No. The product called "Liquid Lense" is not designed for use on mirrors. It is only intended for use on reading glasses and sunglasses. User reviews of Liquid Lense almost unanimously give terribl... Read More »

How does liquid mosquito repeller work. Does it kill the mosquito's or just drive them away?

The carbon rod in the refill gets gets heated and makes the liquid to evaporate....And the liquid contains Cyclothrine(I am not sure) which the mosquito dont like when the fly off...They wont kill ... Read More »

How Does Liquid Head Gasket Repair Work?

When students are poor listeners, they can tend to dismiss most information as boring and unimportant. Poor listeners let their minds wander, doodle or drift back and forth from the topic being dis... Read More »

How does a liquid submersion indicator in an iPhone 3G work?

it gets wet, it turns pink. it doesn't have to be submersed, just wet. on the iphone support page you can find pictures of what it looks like on each version of iphone/ipod.