Does liquid have a definite volume?

Answer Technically, liquids do not have a definite volume, because they can be compressed like any other material. In practice, however, liquids are considered to have a definite volume, because it would ... Read More »

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Why does my television have very low volume on certain channels when the volume is on MAX?

That could be weak spot on TV channel. The signal is not strong enough to reach on your tv. You need a signal booster device to enhance the low signal received by the tv like this one.Motorola Sig... Read More »

Do asteroids have definite orbits?

Most of the asteroids in our solar system orbit the sun in a broad band between Mars and Jupiter called the asteroid belt. Occasionally, asteroids may be captured by these planets. Some scientists ... Read More »

How to Get the Liquid Volume of a Vessel?

When looking at a vessel it can be difficult to guess the volume of liquid it will hold, and sometimes you need to know the volume more exactly. Figuring the volume of a vessel begins by figuring t... Read More »

What is liquid volume?

Liquid volume is the volume of a given amount of liquid, i.e., the amount of space a liquid takes up. There are a number of different units used to measure liquid volume, but most of them fall und... Read More »