Does lining an oven's racks with foil cut down on baking time?

Answer Putting foil on the racks in an oven will interfere with proper air flow and heat transfer. It will not cut down on the time it takes to bake your Troubleshooting

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Do convection ovens speed baking time by 75 percent?

Convection ovens do not speed baking time by 75 percent. Convection ovens are able to speed up baking times slightly, or bake food using a slightly lower heat, but the increase isn't as great as 75... Read More »

Is there a time difference when baking with convection verses conventional ovens?

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Can you use aluminum foil instead of a baking sheet?

You can use aluminum foil instead a baking sheet by layering two sheets of foil, then forming the foil into a baking sheet shape. Keep in mind that more heat can pass through a thin aluminum baking... Read More »

Can you use tin foil in fan assisted ovens?

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