Does limewire really ruin your computer?

Answer Limewire does not ruin your computer but it is a great source of viruses and malware that is included with teh stuff you are trtying to download. Be careful.

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If I have virus protection will limewire still ruin my computer?

You can never be sure, I had the same thing on my computer, and it still got a virus :/

If you have LimeWire on your computer can you get songs from your iPod to go into LimeWire on your computer?

No.LimeWire is a program that downloads stuff. If you want a song on LimeWire, just download it.

Does AIM ruin your computer?

my dad is the same way he thinks if you download anything it will give you viruses. not true. well when ever you download anything there is a chance you will (but you probably wont) you will just g... Read More »

How can I ruin my computer?

Taking out any of the major components will make it not boot up. Open the case and unplug the hard drive, remove the RAM or CPU. Any one of these will make your PC look useless.=========To you belo... Read More »