Does limewire give you viruses?

Answer It's safe by itself. What you download using it may not be.

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Does limewire give u viruses?

All filesharing networks can potentially give you viruses.

Does limewire give you viruses, adware, or spyware?

*i've gotten viruses from Limewire before. it really messed my laptop up!!!*

Does limewire really give my computer a lot of viruses?

you can use Limewire safely by going into settings and unclicking shared files. Then when choosing what to download watch your bit rate, a normal bit rate runs about 128 if there is no bit ... Read More »

Does limewire give viruses even though your firewall is turned on?

A firewall prevents unwanted contact with a website, but once you purposely make contact with a site, you get whatever is on that site, including viruses... especially if you download from that sit... Read More »