Does limewire give viruses even though your firewall is turned on?

Answer A firewall prevents unwanted contact with a website, but once you purposely make contact with a site, you get whatever is on that site, including viruses... especially if you download from that sit... Read More »

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Can limewire give you viruses xD?

The program itself won't give you a virus.If you download an mp3 file,you can't get a virus. Anything else, avoid downloading.Check the size of the file. If it's a song, it should be between 3 and ... Read More »

Does limewire give u viruses?

All filesharing networks can potentially give you viruses.

Does limewire give you viruses?

It's safe by itself. What you download using it may not be.

Why Is it Easy for Limewire to Give You Viruses?

Limewire is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing program. What that means is that if you use Limewire, you can download files from other people's computers over a secure server. According to Limewire.... Read More »