Does limewire cost anything my friend said it does....?

Answer i have limewire and it dosnt cost me a dime!

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My friend has this thing called Limewire, lots of people say it is illegal, is it?

Using limewire is not illegal, but downloading copyrighted files with limewire is illegal.

Is limewire a totallyh secure site for downloading songs. my friend used it and got nothing but problems with,?

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How much does LimeWire 4.18 cost?

LimeWire 4.18.0 is an outdated version of the LimeWare software and, as freeware, does not cost anything. As an open-source program, its license requires administrators to make the program availab... Read More »

How much does Limewire Pro cost?

Limewire offers two tiers of paid service: LimeWire pro and LimeWire Extended Pro. LimeWire Pro costs $21.95 and comes with six months of free tech support and updates. LimeWire Extended Pro costs ... Read More »