Does lime wire make virusus?

Answer Limewire doesn't make the spyware, trojans or viruses people download - people who use limewire make those. There is a trick to not downloading them though I picked this up after downloading a viru... Read More »

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How does Lime Wire works? the free version,,,it will keep asking u if you want to upgrade,,just click no or later..The limewirePro version is the one that cost!!!!!!-any way,,once u have download... Read More »

Does Lime wire Give you viruses?

I have had limewire for like 3 years and ive never had any viruses or problems with it.

In Lime Wire, What does " Awaiting Sources" mean?

limewire waits for sources...(users who have the file you are downloading in their computers.)

Does lime wire have any negative affects on your computer?

you mean negative "effects"affect: it's a verb and it means to act upon or have an effect on somebody or something.effect: its an noun and it means a change or changed state occurring as a direct r... Read More »