Does light scribe drives run out of ink or how does that work i need help?

Answer You need to buy the special Lightscribe discs. They come with a special coating on the top surface of the CD. When you put it into the LightScribe capable drive, the same laser that reads your disc... Read More »

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Does an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7530B ATA Device come with light scribe?

Light bulb help! anybody know a light bulb that does not give off a yellow aura ?

Yes I have that type of bulb in my room. It's called natural something, and it gives off a more blue-ish hue to the room, as if you had a window open.I forget what they're called but they are more ... Read More »

How to Repair a 2001 Chrysler Sebring Back Up Light That Does Not Work?

The backup light is an important safety component on your 2001 Chrysler Sebring. There are three possible reasons for the backup light malfunctioning: loose electrical connectors, burnt out bulbs, ... Read More »

I have a laptop that does not work and I need to pull the info off it. How?

Pull out the hard drive. You can buy an adapter that will adapt it from the laptop connection, to desktop connection. Then install it in a desktop and pull off whatever you need...Here is the link ... Read More »