Does light scribe drives run out of ink or how does that work i need help?

Answer You need to buy the special Lightscribe discs. They come with a special coating on the top surface of the CD. When you put it into the LightScribe capable drive, the same laser that reads your disc... Read More »

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Does an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7530B ATA Device come with light scribe?

How do thumb drives work (Flash drives) Please see details.?

Yeah man I had THE EXACT same thing happen to me. The flashdrives are life savers man trust me and yes you can take and transfer files between computers - I have a vista computer, a xp and my broth... Read More »

If collecting Short Term Disability from employer because they wont accommodate light work load from Dr note can you get second part time job with light work load and still collect STD?

Answer Is the employer the DI company (self insured) or is there a DI company? Ultimately you would need to ask the claims department.

How do tape drives work?

Tapes drives are the oldest way of storing mass quantities of personal computer data, according to Smart Computing. These devices are made to back up entire hard drives. Few individuals use these d... Read More »