Does lemon oil remove warts?

Answer On One Hand: Effective Home RemedyLemon oil is an effective wart remover because of its high vitamin C content. To use, simply place a drop of pure lemon essential oil on the wart. Repeat as needed... Read More »

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Does duck tape really remove warts?

Never tried it. Only one way to find out.

Does lemon juice remove blackheads?

Yes, lemon juice applied directly to the skin where the blackheads are located is an effective home remedy to remove them. Lemon juice (not diluted) should be applied to the area about two to three... Read More »

Have u ever cured ur acne or spots using lemon on daily basis, does rubbing lemon on ur ance does it make it?

the body shop tea treeLUSH - celestialthese are face creams i usedi also put honey on my face :)but i did go to my doctor about my spots and he prescribed me an antibiotic cream and tablets called ... Read More »

How does lemon juice remove the odor of fish?

Lemon juice has anti-bacterial and odor removing qualities. Due to the acidity of lemon juice, with some lemons containing up to 8% citric acid, it has been found to be useful for a variety of hous... Read More »