Does lemon juice kill fleas on dogs?

Answer On One Hand: Methods of Killing FleasWhile some pet owners find that lemon juice/oil and other natural oils may be successful at temporarily repelling fleas, according to, no scient... Read More »

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Does lemon spray work on cats to kill fleas?

On One Hand: Lemon-Based Solutions Repel FleasLemon-based products have been known to effectively repel fleas, states PawRescue.Org. Lemon repellent can be made by boiling six lemons---cut into hal... Read More »

Does Dawn dishwashing detergent kill fleas on dogs?

Dawn dishwashing detergent kills fleas on dogs. Wash your dog with a soapy mixture of Dawn dishwashing detergent and water. Rinse well. Oils in Dawn dishwashing detergent suffocate fleas and keep f... Read More »

Does lemon juice kill mold?

Lemon juice effectively kills mold because it is very acidic, according to Basement Mold Advice. Lemon juice is a natural alternative to chemical mold removers. Apartment Ratings' Saving Money webs... Read More »

Does acetic acid vinegar or lemon juice kill mildew?

White vinegar (acetic acid) may be used to kill mildew. The North Carolina Cooperative Extension service recommends using a solution made of vinegar, ammonia, washing soda and warm water to clean m... Read More »