Does leaving your iPhone plugged in hurt it?

Answer You cant

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Does it hurt to leave your adapter cord plugged in continually to your laptop?

HelloThe only pro is convenience of not unplugging it.This can also reduce the life of the power adapter.The main problem with leaving the adaptor plugged into a laptop and power is it can shorten ... Read More »

Does leaving a phone charger plugged in take electricity even when not connected to your phone?

dont do that its a fire hazard!!! if you are not using the charger unplug it!

Does leaving appliances plugged in use electricity?

Most appliances do not use electricity when they are plugged in. Exceptions are items that use standby power. Some items use a small amount of electricity to run a clock, such as a microwave. Ot... Read More »

Is it true that you use a lot of electricity by leaving your phone charged plugged in after it is charged?

It is not true. Cell phone chargers use feedback circuitry to determine when the phone battery is properly charged and then basically shut off. Actually, they don't shut off entirely as they are ... Read More »