Does leaving your computer printer on waste ink?

Answer The ink should not dry up if the printer is left On, but by leaving it On it may actually use ink occasionally, it really depends on the printer design & programming & I don't know how yours actual... Read More »

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Does leaving the car running waste gas?

For a typical engine, it takes more gas to start an engine than it does to let it idle for about 3 minutes.So, for saving fuel, if the errand is less than 3 minutes, then let it idle, if its longer... Read More »

Does leaving a charger cable in a plug outlet waste electricity?

I was just thinking about this too! Hhaha. But yes it does. As long as something's plugged into the outlet, it still "consumes" electricity. (Idk what other word to use.) Even if your TV is plugged... Read More »

Does leaving your computer on idle overnight really use up alot of electricity?

Yes, but now some computers are starting to be made and labeled as "Energy star quality". The best way to cut energy and prolong the life of your computer is to shut it off at night.

Why do you waste your time on the computer?

So we know the difference between what a computer is and a printer is! This is the printer section not computer section! Instead of going out and wasting your time you should should waste your tim... Read More »