Does leaving a charger cable in a plug outlet waste electricity?

Answer I was just thinking about this too! Hhaha. But yes it does. As long as something's plugged into the outlet, it still "consumes" electricity. (Idk what other word to use.) Even if your TV is plugged... Read More »

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Does leaving a phone charger plugged in take electricity even when not connected to your phone?

dont do that its a fire hazard!!! if you are not using the charger unplug it!

Am I using power/electricity if I leave a wall charger adapter in an outlet?

Yes, its a very small amount, but you've left it in ready mode, kinda like the way your TV, lamp, and stove still draw a small amount of energy even when they're off.

Does leaving the car running waste gas?

For a typical engine, it takes more gas to start an engine than it does to let it idle for about 3 minutes.So, for saving fuel, if the errand is less than 3 minutes, then let it idle, if its longer... Read More »

Does Cable Internet and Cable TV use the same coaxel outlet?

TV and internet should come through the same cable. The cable will be split after leaving the wall using a splitter. One of the two resulting cables will run to your TV or Cable receiver, the other... Read More »