Does leadership style matter in relation to handling employee insubordination?

Answer On One Hand: Try to Be an Autocratic LeaderInsubordination from employees means that your employees are not listening to you when they need to be. The way that you deal with this as a leader can af... Read More »

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Does it matter where the subwoofer is placed in relation to the two speakers it supports?

Bass is NOT omni-directional. This is a myth.What really happens is you get a lot of the subwoofer sounds from wall reflections. This is what fools people into thinking you cannot tell where it is... Read More »

How to Find Your Leadership Style?

Leadership doesn't come in a one-size-fits-all package. Leadership styles vary and each are as good as the other, provided that you know your style and draw on its strengths to motivate, enthuse, a... Read More »

How to Identify Your Instinctive Leadership Style?

In 1938, researcher Kurt Lewin studied the various instinctive leadership styles seen in business leaders. While other models exist, most theories can be placed into Lewin's three basic categories:... Read More »

Leadership Style Vs. Organizational Culture?

Companies often confuse leadership styles with corporate culture. While the corporate culture of a company often can be influenced by its leadership (the smaller the company, the more likely this i... Read More »