Does laughing add 10 minutes to your life?

Answer On One Hand: Not 10 MinutesNo data specifically links laughter to extending lifespan by 10 minutes or by any other defined period of time. As of 2010, no research has linked laughter itself with in... Read More »

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Does laughing gas affect your typing?

um...yeah. I was under gas while going in for an operation and there was no way in hell i could even thing about typing.

On an episode of Criminal Minds Spencer Reed says how many minutes a cigarette takes off of your life How many is it?

Why does your tv send out a signal the first 5 minutes it is on that jams your remote extenders?

Because it is looking for the original remote, so it jams any signals that could distract it from its current task (finding original remote).Is there any way to "turn that off"?

Does surfing the web use up your minutes on iPhone 3G?

No you must purchase a data package from AT&T for $40.00, no excuses with them. But if you unlock it you do not have to pay for internet as long as you have wifi were you are