Does laser toner have lead in it?

Answer Laser toner is a very fine-grained powder that is charged electrically. The main ingredients are plastic, pigment and iron. It also contains amounts of wax and sand, which prevent the toner from cl... Read More »

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Does a laser toner have lead or heavy metals in it?

Laser toner does not include lead, although some toner incorporates iron, which is a heavy metal. Laser toner, like most other types of toner, is made by blending polyurethane and other plastic re... Read More »

How to Remove Laser Toner?

Laser printers come in different sizes and shapes, but they all have something in common--laser toner. Toner is a black powder, which is the substitute for liquid ink. While performing a routine cl... Read More »

Does laser printer toner dry up?

Like the others have stated, toner for laser printers is already a dry plastic type of powder that cannot dry up, though, like one person said, it can get compacted, but that only really happens ov... Read More »

How long does laser toner last before it goes bad?

Laser toner never goes bad and you can use it to the last drop. The only thing that can happen is that if you don'[t' use it often, the toner tends to compact itself. You need to remove the cartrid... Read More »