Does land have a high or low heat capacity?

Answer Land always has a lower heat capacity than water, but it varies based on the type of soil and moisture conditions. Wet soil has a lower heat capacity since evaporation and plant respiration take en... Read More »

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Does water have a higher heat capacity than alcohol?

Water has a higher heat capacity than alcohol. The amount of heat to raise fresh water one degree Celsius is 4.19. To get the same results with various alcohols ranges between 2.3 to 2.72 degrees C... Read More »

Which metal has high capacity heat generation by air friction?

The Lockheed Corporation used titanium to build the SR-71 Blackbird aircraft, the world's fastest jet-powered plane. It flew at speeds up to 2,200 mph, and air friction would heat its surface to 90... Read More »

What is the printing capacity of an expression home xp-400 standard and high capacity cartridge?

You can take epson's numbers with a large grain of salt. Their cartridges are usually 3/4 empty when brand new and the printers often say out of ink when you can shake the cartridge and hear the in... Read More »

How many pages does Dell 968 high capacity ink yield?

According to the Dell website, the 968 high-capacity black ink cartridge will yield about 490 standard 8.5- by 11-inch pages. The 968 high-capacity color cartridge yields about 515 pages of the sam... Read More »