Does land have a high or low heat capacity?

Answer Land always has a lower heat capacity than water, but it varies based on the type of soil and moisture conditions. Wet soil has a lower heat capacity since evaporation and plant respiration take en... Read More »

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Which metal has high capacity heat generation by air friction?

The Lockheed Corporation used titanium to build the SR-71 Blackbird aircraft, the world's fastest jet-powered plane. It flew at speeds up to 2,200 mph, and air friction would heat its surface to 90... Read More »

What is the printing capacity of an expression home xp-400 standard and high capacity cartridge?

You can take epson's numbers with a large grain of salt. Their cartridges are usually 3/4 empty when brand new and the printers often say out of ink when you can shake the cartridge and hear the in... Read More »

What is the heat capacity of air?

The specific heat, or heat capacity of air is 1.01 J/g(degree C). In order to raise the temperature of one gram of air one degree Celsius, 1.01 Joules of heat are required.Source:Specific Heat and ... Read More »

What is the heat capacity of nitrogen?

According to the Gas Encyclopaedia, the specific heat of nitrogen is 0.029 kJ/(mol.K) at constant pressure, and at constant volume it is 0.02 kJ/(mol.K). This is at a temperature of 25 degrees Cel... Read More »