Does laminate flooring need to acclimate?

Answer It is a good idea to allow laminate flooring to acclimate for a few days in the room in which it will be installed. Laminate flooring does not need to acclimate nearly as long as solid hardwood, an... Read More »

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How flat does the subfloor need to be for laminate wood flooring?

A firm, level subfloor--with a deviation in height of two-fifths of an inch, or less, per linear yard--is required for laminate flooring. To achieve this, install sheets of fiber board or a self-le... Read More »

How long does it take for laminate floors to acclimate?

Laminate flooring only needs a few days to acclimate to the room in which it will be installed, unlike hardwood flooring which takes several weeks. Some brands of laminate flooring claim that their... Read More »

Do you need underlayment for laminate flooring?

Yes, since laminate is not attached to the subfloor and is considered to be a "floating" floor product. The laminate helps improve insulation, deaden sound, reduce fatigue from standing and walking... Read More »

Do I need underlay for laminate flooring?

Yes, an underlayment is necessary for floating laminate floors. It helps soundproof the laminate floor and takes care of any minor imperfections in the sub-floor. Some laminate floors have an under... Read More »