Does lack of sleep cause diarrhea?

Answer I was actually wondering the exact same thing. I went the entire summer away from school without diarrhea, but it was back on the first day of school! I'm not sure why, but I wish I could help more... Read More »

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Does lack of sleep cause your muscles to feel weak?

Yes. Your body in general heals and repairs itself while you sleep, so if you don't get enough sleep, your body is active for that much longer and can't effectively heal itself.

Can lack of sleep cause depression?

You better believe it. Not enough sleep , especially if its on going results in all kinds of negative effects in the body. Chemical reactions take place when you do not get the rest your body/brain... Read More »

Can lack of sleep cause heath issues?

yes it can. It lowers your immune system's defenses. It alsolowers your reaction/reflexes. It is very dangerous. you should get roughly 7-8 (straight) hrs sleep in a 24 hr period.

Does Lack of Sleep Lead to Baggy Eyes?

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