Does kombucha tea help with insulin?

Answer Kombucha tea helps insulin levels, according to a study in the Medical Journal of Islamic Academy of Studies, in which diabetic rats' blood-sugar levels decreased with tea consumption. Researches a... Read More »

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Help with drugged up diabetic niece refusing insulin bm=23.2?

Calling an ambulance is the right thing to do. Doesn't matter if her sugar is high or low, or even if she has taken a drug, she needs medical attention.To my fellow americans who insisted this was ... Read More »

What dangers might exist if we infected people with insulin producing viruses, instead of insulin directly?

The virus might produce insulin in the wrong areas, they may have other side effects, and viruses have a very high tendency to mutate possibly into more dangerous viruses. There's probably more dan... Read More »

Does being hypoglycemic/having low blood sugar, cause high insulin levels or low insulin levels?

Being hypoglycemic doesn't cause either high or low blood sugar levels, my friend, it's high insulin levels that cause hypoglycemia.Strictly speaking, that's not quite true as higher blood sugar le... Read More »

How to Restore Gray Hair With Kombucha?

The Kombucha mushroom has become a breakthrough in alternative medicine in recent years. In 1995, The Annals of Emergency Medicine published an article that discussed in brief the idea spreading in... Read More »