Does kindle touch have games?

Answer Yes. The Kindle Touch comes with a choice of games. Some free, some not. However, the Kindle Touch has much better games than the iPad 2. Like, the iPad 2 has Temple Run, witch is popular. The Kind... Read More »

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Does the kindle touch have games?

Can you download and play games on a kindle touch?

yes, you can play and download games on a kindle. and i heard the nook is way better

Can you play games and text on a kindle touch?

Yes but you need certain cheats off the internet. Find them on this website: **This link has been removed for classified reasons**

Is the kindle the same size as the kindle touch ?

Both the Kindle and Kindle Touch has a 6-inch e-ink screen. If you're asking device size, the difference is negligible; in general, the touch won't have the "hard buttons" on the bottom of the devi... Read More »