Does keg beer need to be refrigerated?

Answer In the U.S., most keg draft beer is not pasteurized. Therefore, it should be kept refrigerated at a temperature of 38 degrees F, reports Non-pasteurized draft beer may turn sour and... Read More »

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Do bottles of beer need to be refrigerated?

According to, beer is a perishable product. This means that beer, regardless of its container, is susceptible to all the normal spoiling concerns of other perishable foods. As such, it... Read More »

Does a Cabernet need to be refrigerated? exactly 68 degrees so the flavor comes out bold and full. studys show it always taste better after 68 degree chilling...get a wine cooler,

Does orangina need to be refrigerated?

On One Hand: Refrigeration Is Not NecessaryOrangina is an orange-flavored carbonated soft drink. According to the Orangina website, the beverage contains approximately 12 percent citrus fruit juice... Read More »

Does milk need to be refrigerated?

Of course milk needs to be refrigerated because if you don't refrigerate it, it will get chunky and go bad.