Does keeping batteries in the freezer really save life?

Answer Yes, your freezer is not the Arctic. The cold slows the natural discharge.

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Does keeping a battery in the refrigerator extend its life?

Answer yesThis answer is not correct. Please note accompanying discussion and the associated hyperlink to a science fair study. Dea. Steve Johnson

Is it okay to put my pearls in the freezer for safe-keeping?

Although the nacre found in natural pearls is likely to survive freeing unscathed, the same may not be true of the protein part of pearls. The Cool Conservation organization does not recommend free... Read More »

Can you put batteries in the freezer?

yea it gives it just a lil more boost if they are dead

How do i recover nicad batteries in a freezer?

ProcessPlace the NICAD battery in a tightly sealed bag so that it does not get wet. Place the sealed bag in a freezer to restore the battery and prolong its life. It takes approximately three hours... Read More »