Does kadian help tooth pain?

Answer On One Hand: Kadian Relieves Tooth PainKadian---also known as MS Contin---is a part of the narcotic analgesics class of drugs used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Kadian tablets contain morphin... Read More »

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Wisdom tooth pain... help?

Did this pain just start happening? When your wisdom teeth grow in, it feels like "teething". During teething, babies are generally very fussy due to the pain, so as an adult, I'm sure it's not muc... Read More »

I am having pain from my broken tooth, help!?

when you have trauma to your tooth, it can cause a blockage in the canal, which can block the flow of blood vessels and choke off nerve endings. If it's really bad the tooth could die. Your's may h... Read More »

Im having severe tooth/gum pain. HELP PLEASE?

hi KatieIm not realy sure, nut you may find a solution soon:)

How long should you have pain after a wisdom tooth extraction and if the stitches were removed early does that add to the period you are expected to experience pain?

Answer Once, one of my wisdom teeth was impacted, so the pain was worse to have it in my mouth than it was after extraction. Sufficed to say, I didn't need anything for pain. Compared to having a ... Read More »