Does joint support formula work?

Answer On One Hand: It's an Effective Building BlockThe primary ingredient in Joint Support Formula is glucosamine. This is a natural building block in the body for bone and joint growth and health. Accor... Read More »

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Can a non-custodial parent who has not payed child support and does not work or have a stable residence be awarded joint custody?

Answer Anything can happen when it pertains to custody disputes. In general a parent who has not exhibited acceptable financial and societal behavior concerning their children will not be looked up... Read More »

Do you still have to pay child support if you have joint custody?

That is determinant of differences in income as well as living situations. see links below.

Do you pay child support when you have joint custody?

You may have to pay child support when you have joint custody depending on the type of joint custody. If the child spends equal amounts of time with you and the other parent, then you may share phy... Read More »

Who pays child support if you have joint custody?

The parent with physical custody receives child support from the other parent. If the parties have shared custody the court will use state guidelines to determine if someone pays child support and ... Read More »