Does joint support formula work?

Answer On One Hand: It's an Effective Building BlockThe primary ingredient in Joint Support Formula is glucosamine. This is a natural building block in the body for bone and joint growth and health. Accor... Read More »

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Can a non-custodial parent who has not payed child support and does not work or have a stable residence be awarded joint custody?

Answer Anything can happen when it pertains to custody disputes. In general a parent who has not exhibited acceptable financial and societal behavior concerning their children will not be looked up... Read More »

How does joint custody affect child support?

Joint Custody and Child SupportJoint legal custody has no effect on child support. With joint physical custody there is still a payment of child support from the higher income parent to the lower i... Read More »

How does joint custody affect child support in Nebraska?

The parent with physical custody receives child support from the other parent.

How Does a Universal Joint Work?

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