Does jelqing really work Where can I find the truth about jelqing?

Answer "Jelq" is Farsi for masturbation. It will not increase your size any any way at all. the current myth is just a lame attempt for muslims to justify their masturbation.

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Are Jelqing gains permanent?

"Jelqing" is a term given to a sometimes dangerous technique that supposedly enlarges the penis. This series of specific pulling, pinching, and stroking techniques has not been found to add any len... Read More »

Anyone work in a restaurant Tell me the truth.....?

I agree with Erich M, I've worked in both privately-run and corporate chain restaurants, and this is much more likely to happen in a chain restaurant than a mom and pop place. In my experience, co... Read More »

How to Find Truth According to Islam?

For the sincere truth seekers in life, take the patience to read and ponder this "how-to".

How do i find out who wrote in my Bebo truth box?

hey Jethro I'm sorry but you cant because its supposed to be anonymous