Does jail breaking your iPod Touch effect it?

Answer no

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Is jail breaking good or bad to my iPod touch 4gs?

Jailbreaking your Ipod touch is 100% safe.But,the only thing that it will do is void your warranty.I mean,like me,I don't need my warranty because I take care of my electronics etc.So,enough about ... Read More »

What's Jail-Breaking an iPod Touch mean Please answer?

its basically hacking or opening the ipod touchs software and installing an installer button that allows you to add other apps.ive done it and nothing wrong had ever happened.if something does just... Read More »

How do I get free games on my ipod touch without jail-breaking it?

Sorry, but for now, that's impossible. Plus, if you don't know which one to choose out of iTunes or a Jailbroken iTouch then here's some simple help:iTunes (or App Store): (Create an account)This i... Read More »

What is a jail broken iPod touch?

Yes jailbreaking is a hack and is not under Apple's warranty. If anything goes wrong and you 'brick' your iPod Apple will not be held reasonable and will not fix nor replace your iPod/iPhoneDo it a... Read More »