Does it still say "Seen" when you are offline from the person on Facebook?

Answer Yea,

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If you like a picture on facebook and then immediatley unlike it does the person still get the notification?

I am not sure if a really really really immediate unlike action from a like action will still prompt a notification but in my experience, I received a notificaion that someone liked my post then su... Read More »

When I try talking to this guy on facebook he goes offline. Do you think he is avoiding me?

maybe yes or maybe not.instead of speculating and making urself uncomfortable. its better you ask him directly. or you can send a message/mail/comment expressing your feelings.speculation makes you... Read More »

Why does a facebook message show seen then after a few hours it show that it hasnt been seen?

When a person sees message on facebook, does it show the time they saw it or ...?