Does it seem to you like Coca-Cola from the bottle tastes different from the can...?

Answer There is a plastic taste to Coke in the plastic bottles and I also think there is a metallic taste to canned soda. The kind in the glass bottles leaves a cleaner taste. And it's not psychological... Read More »

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Would a bottle of coca cola from 1963 still taste ok?

It would probably still taste like Coca-Cola but without carbonation. The oldest coke I tasted was about 8 years old from a can and it still tasted like Coke but just flat.

Has anyone noticed that Coca-Cola from McDonalds tastes quite differently than other fast food joints Cokes?

McDonalds use a high end water filtration system, it consists of carbon filters and then water is put through a reverse osmosis system. The way the coke and soda water are chilled is different als... Read More »

How do i get my name on a coca cola bottle?

What is the Length of a 1.5L coca-cola bottle?

Beats me. If you don't get an answer; get a ruler, buy 1.5 liter of coca cola and measure it.