Does it seem like its hip to be crazy?

Answer Urgh. Yeah, people generally think it's 'hip' or 'cool' to have some sort of illness--especially mental/emotional based. Unfortunately, many ignorant individuals don't understand the whole picture ... Read More »

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Does this seem like a fair exchange?

No, dear Glow Wings, NO!You are only talking about VIP prisoners...not all are treated that way! For the moneybags, life is full of luxuries...anywhere!Edit: Of course you aren't serious, dea... Read More »

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Does this seem like lung cancer?

Non smokers get lung cancer all the time. Its not just limited to people who smoke. And he obviously has an injury in his lung cos of all the coughing. Just listen to the doctor, I doubt it is lung... Read More »

Does it seem like i have a heart disease is it serious?

Chest pain in teens is common and has nothing to do with your heart. Usually anxiety or acid reflux or muscle strain.