Does it say in the bible that god will hold us in the palm of his hand?

Answer A traditional Gaelic blessing asks that loved ones remain held in the palm of God's hand, but the Bible doesn't directly say this is true. There are several references in the Bible offering a simil... Read More »

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I have a hole in the palm of my hand. Will it heal?

Yes it will heal. Skin constantly regenerates.To help it heal faster, clean the area well a couple of times a day. You could also try using "butterfly strips"/"steri strips to hold the skin closer ... Read More »

Im having my period and just passed a blood clot that would fit in the entire palm of my hand. Any ideas why?

Dark, chunky clots of blood can be perfectly normal. Many women get them during their menstrual period when they have days of heavy cramping and heavy bleeding. Your body usually makes things calle... Read More »

What does the M mean on the palm of your hand?

lets see, it could either mean that you are gonna get married in the future or that well i just forgot!

Does the palm tree look like a hand?