Does it really hurt to get a shot in the butt?

Answer Yes, it does hurt. But not as bad as getting shot in the arms or legs. More nerves there.

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Does it really hurt to get a shot in your butt?

yeah, it probably does...but if you're not the one getting it why do you care?

I am going to the dentist today and I'm really scared does the numbing shot hurt?

Get some baby teething gel and rub it on your gums every 10 mins for the hour before you go into the dentist. You will not even feel the needle go in!! I do this every time as I was a nervous wre... Read More »

Why does my butt hurt?

its nice to ask questions on this site but sometimes you gotta be smart and go see a real doctor cuz how do you no if any of these answers are soooo surely rihgt

Why does my butt hurt whenever i get up?

You may have a bruised tailbone or may have even cracked it. It it is actually to muscles in your butt then you may have just pulled a muscle of hamstring depending on how long you have been exper... Read More »