Does it not surprise you when people don't have Facebook?

Answer There are other things in this world than the internet.

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How can people i dont know tag me on facebook, they are merely a mutual friend?

You need to adjust your privacy settings in Facebook. There is step-by-step on removing tags and updated your privacy details. Just note, people may try to put their own tags on photos if they thin... Read More »

Girls, do you get creeped out when people you dont know are looking thru your pics on myspace or facebook?

No because I do it to! Especially if people have pics of their travels up, i love looking at other peoples pics! As long as you're not putting up inappropriate or distasteful pics of yourself what ... Read More »

On facebook it says im banned from messages and friend requests for sending to people i dont know.?

"Also I NEVER send messages to people i dont know..."Correction... You never KNOWINGLY send messages to people you don't know. You've probably been "clickjacked" or something similar...FB is rife w... Read More »

What have you never done/tried/tasted that might surprise people?

never even tried learning gaelicI'm 1/2 irish, 1/4 english and 1/4 ukrainian and very proud of it, but for some reason i've never even bothered with my families true languageEDIT: Oh and i hate cho... Read More »