Does it matter which way the yarn is wrapped when knitting?

Answer On One Hand: Whatever Gets the Job DoneKnitting guru Stephanie Peal-McPhee states that there are as many ways to knit as there are knitters. Knitters like her, including prominent knitting figure E... Read More »

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Why Does Yarn Tangle When Knitting Two Yarns Together?

Knitted fabric can be full of texture, with cables, bobbles or ribbing. Or it can be open, airy or lacy. Or it can be full of color. There are several color techniques that combine different colors... Read More »

What does yarn forward mean when knitting?

In knitting, to "yarn forward" means the same as to "yarn over," which is a method of increasing stitches by starting with your yarn in front of the needle, on the far side of it from the knitter.R... Read More »

What does it mean in knitting when it says yarn in back?

The knitting term "with yarn in back" is abbreviated as "WYIB." When you see this abbreviation, leave your working yarn hanging down at the back of your knitting project. This is the same position ... Read More »

What does the term yarn over mean when knitting?

Yarn over means bringing the yarn to the front of the knitting (if it is not already there on a purl stitch) and then wrapping it around the needle. This creates an extra stitch, and is used to mak... Read More »