Does it matter which of your dogs walks first in the pack?

Answer On One Hand: The Dog in Front is LeaderIn the dog world, whoever is in front during a walk is the leader of the pack, or the alpha dog. The leader can set the tone for the rest of the dogs. This ca... Read More »

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What is the ritual David Letterman does at the beginning of the show when he first walks out?

Grilled Hot Dogs Boiled Hot Dogs Steamed Hot Dogs Or Fried hot Dogs Which do you like better ?

I like hot dogs fixed on the grill the best, but that usually happens in the summer. I can just have boiled hot dogs until then. (lol)

Does it matter if my airline ticket is in my first or middle name?

The name on your airline ticket must match the name on your valid government ID. You can include a middle initial or leave the middle name blank, as long as your first and last names are correct. Y... Read More »

Does it matter which iPhone if you unlock 2g or 3g for tmobile?

first if you have a different service other than at&t you will have to unlock it at unlock att .com then you would be able to use it on any sim card that has an activated data plan !