Does it matter what satellite receiver i use?

Answer On One Hand: Nearly IdenticalBoth of the two largest providers---Dish Network and DirecTV---use nearly identical satellite receivers. Naturally, though, each receiver is tied into a specific servi... Read More »

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What is Dreambox satellite receiver and how does it work?

Dreambox satellite receiver is a set top box which is used to receive satellite TV programs, if you have a HD TV set, a dreambox satellite receiver and a disk antenna, connect the disk antenna with... Read More »

What does a temp sensor look like for a Directv HD DVR HR10-250 satellite receiver?

Do you need a new satellite receiver and a new service to watch 1080p satellite programming?

Yes, you will need both new equipment (MPEG-4 equipment) and a different, probably more expensive service from your satellite company.

How many watts does a direct tv satellite receiver use?

It depends on the receiver but its from range 25 W - 40 W