Does it matter if i switch between mini dv tape brands for my vx1000?

Answer It's all the same digital format. I would stick with brand names for a quality product, but digital is digital no matter what the brand name.I use 3 different brands in my Canon HV30 and you (or a ... Read More »

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Is Re-recording over mini dv tapes bad for a vx1000?

Bad for the heads? No. The tape has a plastic substrate to which the metal oxide (that stores the digital information) is bonded. Over time, the plastic stretches, the metal oxide can flake. This d... Read More »

Does the AG HVX200 use mini dv ME tape?

you should be using a Panasonic P2 data card for best results with this camera. but yes it can record DV format on regular miniDV tape. miniDV and HDV are the same tape, both are metal evaporate.... Read More »