Does it matter if i switch between mini dv tape brands for my vx1000?

Answer It's all the same digital format. I would stick with brand names for a quality product, but digital is digital no matter what the brand name.I use 3 different brands in my Canon HV30 and you (or a ... Read More »

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Is Re-recording over mini dv tapes bad for a vx1000?

Bad for the heads? No. The tape has a plastic substrate to which the metal oxide (that stores the digital information) is bonded. Over time, the plastic stretches, the metal oxide can flake. This d... Read More »

SD card brands - Does it matter?

Cheap projector brands don't matter?

I don't know that the brand really has much to do with it, but one thing you really need to be sure of is that it is for a home theater and not for an office. Look for the lumens...that determines... Read More »

Double eyelid tape brands?

actually i dont know the brand since it is all in chinese and its my friends =p but she uses different types of brands of double tape and glue as welli think any one you get there would be fine. th... Read More »