Does it matter how you plant a seed?

Answer Read the directions on the package! As a general rule, you should plant seeds the same depth as their size. Some seeds need to be well covered, others can practically sit on the surface (like gra... Read More »

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How to Extract Dna of Rust Fungi Colonized on Plant Matter?

This describes a procedure to extract DNA from rust species fungi colonized on any plant matter. The end product is a mixture of primarily fungal DNA and a small amount of plant DNA in a solution t... Read More »

My Neighbour just swore and cursed at me for burning wood & dead plant matter in my garden, what can he do?

You could report your neighbour for anti-social behavior (him swearing at you). As for his powers, it depends upon your local authority. All authorities have different rules. Check your local counc... Read More »

How to Plant a Seed?

Planting seeds are very fun and very safe! They are very pretty when they bloom.

What is a plant seed box?

A plant seed box refers to both the seed-holding part of any plant and to a specific type of plant that has box-shaped, or cubical, capsules. It can also refer to a container holding plant seeds.Re... Read More »